Secluded Katafygi beach lies next to the village of Agios Dimitrios, in the municipality of West Mani.

It is an imposing beach with huge rocks and wild waves.

Nature lovers will be surprised by the huge natural marble “platforms” created by the rocks of the beach, giving the landscape a wild look.

Those who love adventure can climb and dive from the proud 12 meter high rock that stands right next to the water, as shown in the video of the Up Stories team.

On the beach is the cave of Katafygi, one of the largest in the country according to experts who have explored it.

In the past, an underground river flowed through it creating many canals among the karstic limestone.

The known area of ​​the cave galleries is 900 meters but it is estimated that its full size is 1600 meters.

Speleologist Giannis Petrocheilos and his Swedish colleague Lindberg explored much of it in 1953.

Its impressive entrance with the marble slabs was the estuary of the river. Katafygio beach is a hidden secret destination of wild natural beauty.

At this point, where Taygetos touches the sea, nature really rages and creates one of its best landscapes.

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