Great Britain was once a naval superpower but now it is sailing in the uncharted waters of a no-deal Brexit.

No one can project precisely the repercussions of such an eventuality or their extent.This path toward the unknown does concern only the UK.It is an economic event of such magnitude that it can affect the global economy.

Brexit, if it occurs, will trigger in all likelihood an international economic shock.

A number of analysts believe that the shock will trigger recession.

They are not Cassandras in predicting this, but rather obsservers of the chain of events.

If this negative projection is confirmed it means that many large national economies will slow down.

That sudden slowdown will obviously not leave smaller economies unaffected.

Such a tidal wave could well affect the Greek economy.

That danger undermines the Greek government’s plan to bring about a major increase in the growth rate in the near future which would allow it to negotiate a lowering of Greece’s memorandum-era primary surplus commitments.

One hopes that projections will not be confirmed and that Britain will return to normalcy by remaining in the EU.

Why not?

Still, the Greek government must be prepared for very eventuality.

Our country has also been a naval force and it is well aware of uncharted waters.

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