Even before they came to power the PM and his party had adopted the divisive mantra “Either they will finish us off or we will finish them off.”

One later found out what that slogan meant in practice.

Top politicians – including three former prime ministers – were targeted with allegations of corruption and loads of mud was slung at them.

Consciences were maligned and the reputation of political figures was besmirched.

For two of the three ex-PMs – Costas Simitis and caretaker PM Panagiotis Pikrammenos – the charges already proved baseless.

The same is expected to occur with the third – Antonis Samaras.

As it turned out, there was an effort to implement the slogan “Either they will finish us off or we will finish them off” in combination with the dogma of a minister who infamously stated, “We must put some people in jail if we are to win re-election”.

The political design entailed criminal prosecution.

Such a political plan has no place in a democracy, nor do manufactured scandals and conspiracies that aim to annihilate one’s political opponents.

The fact that even Costas Simitis, a veteran politician who served as PM for eight years, was viewed as a political opponent leaves a terrible impression.

That alone constitutes an ethical scandal, and there are more parameters of this real scandal that remain to be proven.