All of Greece celebrates and feels proud of the successes of two young people: Stefanos Tsitsipas and Yorgos Lanthimos.

The one in athletics and the other in the arts managed with their work, dedication, and fighting spirit not only to grant us a few moments of pride, but also to give us the sense that Greeks can achieve distinction.

Contrary to the climate of misery and division that we have experienced, they proved that if one wants something and pursues it diligently and competently one can.

Indeed, both had to leave the county to prove their worth. They pursued their dream with passion. They did not tolerate the usual griping and rejection. They did not succumb to fatalism but instead fought to achieve what they believed in.

Obviously they are not the only ones who achieved their goal. Other young people also will not reconcile themselves to the miserable Greek reality and will achieve what they deserve. It is no coincidence that many Greek scientists distinguish themselves abroad, whereas if they remained in their homeland they would have to plead for a place in the sun. Of course, here too there are still young people who struggle against adversity to achieve their life goals.

Unfortunately, we must admit that Greek reality usual undermines instead of facilitating those who wish to go beyond mediocrity. The political system instead of inspiring alienates. Instead of guiding it cultivates a mentality of lesser effort, a lack of meritocracy, and it promises a comfortable situation as long as one subjects oneself to its momentary petty partisan motives.

Universities, with some exceptions, are closed clubs for those who want to prove their worth.

Let us then be glad and celebrate those who managed with their worth to stand apart in the field that they have chosen.

Let us also consider, however, how many opportunities and possibilities we give them, and to what extent the Greek state invests in the creativity and passion of young people.