The health ministry has recorded 43 deaths of COVID-19 patients in the last 24 hours and 1,291 newly confirmed cases, of which 22 were identified at points of entry into the country.

The total number of confirmed cases in Greece is 599,951 (+0.2 percent daily rise), of which 51 percent are men.

In the last week, 155 cases concern travelers entering the country from abroad and 1,591 are linked to previously confirmed cases.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in Greece, 13,886 people have died, while 95.3 percent had a prior medical condition or were over the age of 70.

There are 381 cases of intubated COVID-19 cases with a median age of 64. Of these patients, 90 percent are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated (with one dose) and about 10 percent are fully vaccinated.

There were 270 COVID-19 hospital admissions in the last 24 hours (a 34 percent rise in one day). The average number of daily admission in the last week is 238.

The seven-day median of daily admissions is 238 and the median age is 39. The median age of those who died is 78.

Since 1 January, 2020, laboratories that conduct COVID-19 tests and which systematically report their data have examined 6.3mn clinical samples.

Mobile units of the National Public Health Organisation (EODY) that conduct COVID-19 Rapid Ag tests have examined 9.7mn samples.

There is a weekly median of 89,276 daily tests.

As regards COVID-19 self-tests, as of 4 September 33mn people have electronically registered their results, and 1.15mn have returned to be re-tested.

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