To put it simply, as long as a segment of the population remains unvaccinated, SARS-CoV-2 finds space to spread, mutate, and result in the well-known, nightmarish side effects.

The news from the COVID-19 battlefront allow us to draw two conclusions.

Firstly, wherever citizens, even those ailing, were vaccinated, they had zero possibility of complications.

Secondly, wherever there has been a delay in vaccination, we see a return to the situation of the first months of the pandemic, with an over-burdened National Health System, deaths, and painful results for those who have fallen ill.

Now, there are no longer any excuses. The conclusions are palpable and quantifiable.

Vaccines are a weapon in a protracted war. A surge in news cases will lead us ineluctably to a new public health lockdown with an irreversible, devastating impact on the economy and on the return to normal social and economic activity.

In this battle, one must not leave room for irrational theories.

It is only through embracing science and rationalism that we may return to the life that we knew and want.

Perhaps many people have not understood that we are at a delicate juncture in which we can move forward through the tunnel of the pandemic, but at the same time confront obstacles – due to our own actions or negligence.

If we have one ally to come out of the tunnel and into the light, it is vaccination.

Even now.

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