Once again there was an abundance of praise from the international media on Greece’s management of the coronavirus public health crisis.

The image of marbles shining in the sun, to borrow the words of the poet, and of packed beaches emitted a strong signal of optimism about a swift return to normalcy and reminded the world of the Greek success story.

There could be no better promotion for Greece at this moment. Yesterday just two new Covid-19 cases were announced.

The symbolism is valuable in the effort to salvage something of the summer tourist season, but it does not suffice to win the wager.

Greece may have justly earned the reputation as a safe and attractive tourist destination yet there are many variables that will determine the outcome and time is not on our side.

Certain government members in an effort to personally capitalise on the public health success are creating a climate of unjustified complacency.

They are helping neither the government nor the country by cultivating excessive expectations.

Now more than ever it is important to be measured in word and deed as over-optimism is never a good guide and the danger of a recurrence is still real.


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