Alternate Health Minister Pavlos Polakis took to the social media to attack his predecessors at the health ministry and opposition parties over there alleged involvement in receiving kickbacks from the pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

Polakis suggested, on his Facebook wall, that the ex-PMs and ministers whose names appeared in the Novartis file can still be charged with money laundering, despite the special, brief statute of limitations that applies to ministers for crimes committed while in office, such as bribe-taking.

“Let me see in which hole these former health ministers and prime ministers will hide now. As it appears from testimony and evidence, they were bribed with millions of euros, for the services they offered with their decisions and actions, so as to ensure the super-profits of the company and rob the public coffers,” the post read.

“All these hustlers know that there is no statute of limitations on the crime of money laundering!!!! For two years now, we – the government, the health ministry, and I personally – have been subjected to a relentless war of mudslinging, slander, degradation, character assassination, personal threats, and scare tactics from these political little people, from the media, the websites, and the trolls that they fed with public funds, believing that we would be scared, that we would back off and cover up – that we would become like them,’ the rambling attack went on.

“The abscess has broken wide open, at long last, with the stamp of the judiciary, despite the thousands of obstacles that were raised by the political machine of the previous political system. The party is now beginning and the continuation will be on screen – Nemesis has arrived!!!’ the 400-word post continued, with a post scriptum.

“P.S. I believe that now, everyone will understand how the game of exploiting patriotism was going to be set up with the FYROM issue, by those who bear exclusive responsibility for the situation that has arisen over the last 27 years.”

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