About 300 people are dying in Greece each week from COVID-19, even as there is a steady rise in number of daily deaths, confirmed cases, and hospital admissions.

In the daily data issued by the National Organisation of Public, today was the first time in months that there have been over 50 deaths (54) in deaths, and the number of confirmed cases has climbed to nearly 4,000 (3,935).

The total number of confirmed cases is 720,295 (a 0.5% daily increase) of which 50.8 percent are men.

Over the last seven days, 3,050 cases have been traced to a previously confirmed case and 139 were linked to a trip abroad.

There are 354 COVID-19 patients that are intubated (61 percent men) with a median age of 66-years-old. Of these patients 314 (88.7 percent) are unvaccinated and 40 (11.3 percent) have gotten only one jab of a two-dose vax.

From the beginning of the pandemic, 3,285 have been released from hospital ICUs.

In the last 24 hours 219 COVID patients have been admitted to hospital and the one-week average is 227 daily.

The median age of newly confirmed cases is 39-years-old and the median age of patients who have died is 78-years-old.

Since 1 January, 2020, 6.9mn samples have been examined by laboratories that conduct COVID-19 tests and report them regularly.

The Health Units and teams of the National Organisation for Public Health that conduct Rapid Ag tests have examined 17.8mn samples. The average number of tests weekly is 199,000.

Up to 24 October, 2021, 45.5mn self-test results have been reported on an electronic platform, while 2.6mn returned for a second test.

Various groups, including school children, university students, and civil servants who are unvaccinated are required to take two self-tests or rapid tests weekly.

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