Infectious disease specialists do not agree with the prospect of further opening of the retail trade from Monday.

Specifically, the experts seem to be concerned about the course of the epidemic and at the moment are negative about the opening of commercial stores, the opening of beauty salons, but also the abolition of appointments.

The “33” of the Committee insist on retail to continue through purchases to be done by the methods of click-away and click-in- shop and by sending a sms to 13032.

The committee estimates that the epidemiological burden remains high, with the positivity being consistently above 5%. Epidemiologists warn that if the market opens further, there will be no way to improve the picture until Easter.

At the same time, they expressed their concern about the increase in numbers of deaths and intubations this week, but they also take into account the partial stabilization of cases, as well as the fall in the positivity index for the first time in 11 weeks.

It is clear that even the hard indicators of the pandemic have not receded enough, as yesterday Greece recorded more than 100 deaths in 24 hours, a number that has not been recorded again since December.

Also, intubated peerson reached 819 yesterday, as just a week ago, authorities announced 776 intubated persons.

The situation remains difficult in the Thessaloniki, where a team from the Ministry of Health has been transferred. In Thessaloniki, Covid hospitalizations have now reached 757 and intubated patients 147.

The new admissions of patients with coronavirus in the country reached 526, while the discharges due to cure were 482.

Early for Easter in the village

However, the meeting in the Committee concerning if Greeks will be allowed to travel to their villages for Easter will not take place today, but next week.

However, a large portion of the experts seem concerned, as they believe that with these indicators a trip to the villages could make things even worse and put more pressure on the Health System.

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