The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for infrastructure, spoke about the ongoing projects in Crete

In an interview with the television station Creta TV, the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, responsible for infrastructure, Giorgos Karagiannis, mentioned the large project program of 3.6 billion euros being implemented in Crete, while he revealed that the Kastelli airport will be delivered ahead of time.

Among other things, he spoke about the Northern Road Axis of Crete  which, as he said, “was a dream of decades for Crete and the Cretans and now is becoming a reality as the works have officially started on the section Neapoli – Ag. Nikolaos, while the rest of the tenders are just before their completion, since binding offers will be submitted in March for the large project Chania – Heraklion and for the PPP, Hersonissos – Neapoli we are one step before signing the contract”.

According to Mr. Karagiannis, “at the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024, all fronts for the Northern Road Axis of Crete will be open and construction projects will progress”.

He also underlined that the motorway ” will be unified from Kissamos to Sitia and with the bypasses linking the cities”.

Kastelli airport to be delivered earlier

Referring to the Development Plan of Crete with 480 projects, which was presented on Wednesday, Mr. Karagiannis underlined that “of all the projects, more than 50% is implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, reaching 3.6 billion euros” .

Among the most emblematic projects is the New International Airport of Heraklion in Kasteli, which, as noted by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, is “running” at a fast pace and the completion rate has exceeded 20%.

“The new International Airport in Kastelli had to be built. We also had to enlarge it as it is estimated that after 2030 it will serve more than 14 million tourists. So, we are building an airport – a jewel for Crete, a durable, sustainable, green and above all innovative airport”.

In fact, as Mr. Karagiannis revealed, “the rate of construction is progressing very well and a further acceleration is expected in the next period. Thus, we estimate that the handover of the airport will be a year ahead of schedule.”

Anti-flood planning

In addition to the two emblematic projects, in Crete, according to Mr. Karagiannis, “we are implementing pro-environmental projects that will highlight the resilience of the island. Thus, the anti-flood planning is in progress as well as irrigation and cultivation projects, such as the dams in Tavronitis, Bramianos and Platis”.

Road safety projects

The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure also highlighted the road safety and anti-avalanche works being carried out along the current motorway, which, as he announced, have been completed for the most part.

“We went to construction sites and presented projects, which was not done in the past. Our purpose is to move forward and for every citizen to realize that we are a government with a plan that works in earnest. This is how we will continue,” said Mr. Karagiannis in closing.

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