Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos has announced that an upgrade a large number of Greece’s F-16 fighter jet fleet will begin immediately.

The first original jet has arrived at the facilities of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry.

Specifically, the F-16 BLK 52+/ADV will be upgraded with the viper configuration.

The F-16V includes an active electronically scanned array radar, a new mission computer and electronic warfare suite, automated ground collision avoidance system, and various cockpit improvements.

The announcement of the deal was announced in the White House during ex-PM Alexis Tsipras’ visit with US President Donald Trump.

The original 2.4bn dollar price tag met with strong opposition and the deal then went to 1.45bn with Greece paying a maximum 182mn dollars a year through 2027

The order was already in the works in early 2018 and involved 80 F-16s. At the time, US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt had  tweeted that it was a «very big day» building on the announcement at the White House.

Panagiotopolous was responding to a parliamentary question about the prospect of selling of F-16 BLOCK 30 fighters. He said that a number of offers have been made,

The upgrade is expected to be completed in 2027.








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