Scientists had warned from the start that the coronavirus pandemic must be managed with decisive measures so as to avert having a large segment of the population swiftly falling ill, which would lead to a collapse of the public health system.

Instead of opting for herd immunity which would have produced disastrous results it was necessary to fend off the coronavirus with all other possible means until an effective vaccine (or vaccines) is developed.

One of the tools in that battle was and is the increase in the number of ICU beds designated exclusively for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

That will play a crucial role in confronting the second phase of the pandemic that appears to be emerging in Greece and globally.

As Ta Nea revealed in an exclusive report, of the country’s 940 ICU beds, from now on 251 will be reserved for Covid-19 patients and the aim is to have such a unit in every large, densely populated area.

This gain should not be lost once the epidemic has been transcended.

Moreover, we must not forget the heroism of doctors, the value of a proactive state that aids the weak, and the importance of certain underestimated professions.

Similarly, we must not go back to providing different levels of healthcare for different groups.
ICU’s should be accessible to the entire population.

A country’s healthcare and education systems are indicative of the level of development of democracy.

We are entering a very difficult period. Vigilance, strength, and patience are required.

Above all, however, solidarity is needed.

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