The redevelopment of the Shooting Range will be integrated architecturally with the redevelopment that will take place in the city’s central square

The major renovation of the Shooting Range in Kaisariani is entering the final stretch, following the announcement by the municipal Authority that the relevant study has secured all the necessary permits and approvals and is now ready for auction.

In fact, according to the full plan, the reconstruction of the Shooting Range will be integrated architecturally with the renovation of the central square of the city and the exterior of the Church of the Assumption. These two reconstructions, will constitute an architectural integration, in order to achieve a connection between the two emblematic points of the city.

Among other things, the reconstruction of the historical park includes the creation of an open theater and a special area for sports activities, as well as the historical night club “Harama”, where the legendary singer Vassilis Tsitsanis performed.

What the plan includes

Specifically, the plan includes:

– Creation of an 800 seat open-air theater.

– Renovation of the historical entertainment center “Harama”.

– Creation of a small track with open sports facilities around it.

– Renovation of the green spaces and installation of open sports facilities with state-of-the-art exercise equipment (exercise tree).

– Renovation of the offices of the Gun Club.

A cultural hub

– The site of the Gun Club offices will be renovated and transformed into a multi-cultural space, which will include a library, art workshops, a reading room, which will also function as a youth hangout, as well as dressing rooms that will serve the needs of the open theater. This will be built right in front of the multipurpose hall.

– The reconstruction of the historical entertainment center “Harama” will include the renovation of the main historical hall (preserved intact), which will be named “Tsitsanis Hall” in honor of the great composer, who performed in this music venue for 15 years. Concerts and musical events will be hosted there. In the renovated building there will also be an event hall and conference space, a room for dance, folk music, and traditional instrument classes, dressing rooms, as well as a local radio station.

Mild intervention at the Shooting Range

– The open space outside the altar of the Shooting Range will undergo mild intervention with the installation of shading infrastructure.

– Where the clay court is located, a small training track will be created and state-of-the-art fitness equipment will be placed around it.

– In the area under the track bordering the city’s schools, the unnecessary concrete structures will be removed and the greenery will be enhanced.

– The fountain square, behind the Near East sports complex, will be redeveloped to remove the uneven structures and form a single, level, accessible space with floor lighting and water jets.

– The exercise tree will be placed at the lower end of the park, near the entrance to the Shooting Range. The tree is an example of pioneering Italian design for outdoor fitness spaces and will be one of the few in the country.

The significance of the Shooting Range

On 1 May 1944, 200 Greek communists (“The 200 of Kaisariani”) were executed at the Shooting Range by the Nazi occupation authorities as reprisal for the killing of a German general by Greek Resistance forces.

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