The Minister of Finance did not make any assessment of the level of inflation that is expected to be announced, however he estimated that it will be high, as it is the major problem of the global, European and obviously also the Greek economy.

The drawing up of the new plan for the support of households and enterprises against price hikes, that Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce at TIF (Thessaloniki International Fair) in September, is entering the final stretch.

As Finance Minister Christos Staikouras stated to state news media Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Sunday “every time fiscal space is created, the government takes advantage of it for the society’s interest and specifically in the interest of the middle class and the lower incomes”.

He also said that “in September we will be in position to have a better picture of the new fiscal space, after the one created in March and in June, which is the result of the good course of the economy and the better, than anticipated, course of tourism”.

Concluding his statement Staikouras said that “the Prime Minister will announce at the Thessaloniki International Fair how this space will be allocated for the further support of the citizens in terms of economic efficiency and social justice.

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