Greece managed the public health crisis in the best possible manner.

The government acted on the basis of scientific knowledge.

It placed its trust in doctors, virologists, and all those who could discern the evolution of the pandemic and the capabilites of the National Health System.

It was able to propose the right policies in an authoritative and timely manner.

That is how it made the right decisions at the right time as it turned out.

The same scientific panel based on the data, new knowledge, and the deep conviction that the disease is receding approved the gradual lifting of the pandemic lockdown.

It decided to go ahead based on the condition that the public will abide by the rules of personal hygiene including frequent hand-washing, keeping social distances, and wearing masks in small places where a number of people are gathered.

Seriously and sternly the government warned that if these simple rules are not followed the positive record that Greece has enjoyed until now can be lost in the blink of an eye and the government will have to either re-institute a lockdown or accept that it will mourn many victims and will experience dramatic conditions in hospitals.

It would be a shame to backpedal due to impatience and lack of foresight on the part of the few, especially the youth.

Our actions should be orderly and well-paced.

Now is the time for bold but rational steps on the part of the younger and the healthier.

The economy, markets, jobs, zones of production, commerce, transport, tourism, art, athletics, and other areas are all part of prosperity and progress and they must reopen because they cannot forever remain closed.

However, this process should not be chaotic and disorderly.

To succeed it requires a rational approach, self-discipline, and patience – for just a few more weeks.

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