Our country yesterday celebrated under extraordinary conditions Greek Independence day and the struggle for liberation.

There were no customary parades or other national events due to the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The statements of state and political leaders were tailored to the current situation as they linked the struggle for independence with the battle against the pandemic with which Greece and the entire planet are confronted.

Greece’s political parties naturally agree that this is a battle that must be won and that this requires all the tools needed in any struggle whether the enemy is invisible as is the virus or human.

What is needed is unity and discipline and that is why the head of state and the government underlined that the pandemic is a national affair which does not concern only the government and authorities.

It concerns all of us.

The War of Independence is not just history.

It is commemorated every year not only because society should honour it and return to the roots of the nation but also because of what it signifies and makes it timely today.

The past can teach us valuable lessons today and equip us for the future.

Still, one must remember that the past does not only teach us the value of self-denial and sacrifice.

It also reminds us of the mistakes that must be avoided.

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