Naftika Chronika June 1, 1976

The Posidonia have been established. A Marine Exhibition of global impact. The participation of both countries and exhibitors has been constantly increasing. The good results of previous events guarantee the success of Posidonia ’76. The Exhibition contributes positively to the promotion of Greek Shipping.
This year more than 400 exhibitors from 29 countries take part in the Posidonia. Nine countries – England, Brazil, France, USA, Japan, Canada, Korea, Russia and Singapore – have special spaces where all the pavilions of their respective exhibitors are gathered.

For the first time this year, the exhibition is organized in Piraeus, in the Central Port Authority building, which is bigger space than Zappeion Megaron. The biggest port of our country deserved this distinction. Moreover, now the exhibition is nearer to those interested to visit and they can avoid the trouble of going to Athens during their working time.
The opening ceremony will take place on June 7, at 7 pm and the Prime Minister Konstantine Karamanlis will be present.

Greek participation
A wide range of Greek organizations and companies active in Shipping will take part. These include banks, shipyards and ship repair yards, shipping companies, insurance companies, local representatives of foreign companies and many others. The Hellenic Register of Shipping and Olympic Airways will also be present.

As usual, the Japanese presence at this year’s Posidonia will be significant. Apart from the ‘Union of Japan’s Ship Exporters’ – members of which are all the famous shipyards of the country – and Japan’s Register of Shipping, also take part another 12 companies, most of them manufacturers of marine engines, electronic maritime instruments and ship machinery.

Canada makes its first appearance in Posidonia with ten exhibitors.
– The Marine Industries Ltd shipyards of Sorel, which undertake the design and building of dry bulk carriers, tankers, ferry-boats, icebreakers and navy ships. Recently, they have undertaken the serial building of multiple-purpose freight ships of the ‘Maridus’ type, of 15,000 – 17,000 dwt and small tankers of 9,000-10,000 dwt. The shipyard also has a repair unit.
– The Canadian Marconi Co. which presents a wide variety of electronic maritime instruments.
– The Litton Systems (Canada) Ltd, a Computer Company.
– Galt Equipment Ltd, a manufacturer of refrigeration systems for ships.
– Marin Industries Ltd which manufactures propulsion systems for barges and other small vessels and also side propellers.
-Prime Movers Controls Ltd, a manufacturer of control systems.
– Wagner Engineering Ltd which manufactures five different types of hydraulic helms and control systems, auto-pilots and helm position indicator.
– Bennett Pollution Control Ltd which specializes in tracing instruments and cleaning equipment for sea pollution.
– The Canadian Association of Shipbuilders and Repairers which lists among its members 19 shipbuilding and repair units, 19 manufacturers of shipping instruments, ship designers and many other companies associated with marine technology.
– Finally, the Nova Scotia Bank is present, which offers bank credit to the various sectors of the marine activity.

MAREL, an electronics company, based in Piraeus and well known in the shipping industry will present in its pavilion (A3) a wide variety of of telecommunication and other modern marine electronic devices, from which the most interesting are:
-Marine telex
– Automatic electronic calculator of ship freight.
-Modern telecommunication devices, such as SSB, VHF, TOR, etc.
-Automatic calling device between ship and a station ashore.
-Radar devices, auto-pilots, undersea survey organs, instruments to map the seabed, intercoms etc.
– Revolutionary portable torches of 1.000.000 lm. Etc.
MAREL represents various foreign companies, among them
-Marconi International Marin Co. Ltd.
-Raytheon Corp.
-Dankom A/S.
-Synair Electronics Corp.
-Extel Corp.
-Thrige/El – Trade.

Krupp – Atlas
The well-known German manufacturer of electronic marine organs exhibits a big range of radars, depth gauges, sonar systems, ship logs and other devices, which have dominated the international market because of their quality and excellence. Distributor in Greece: Nautex Ltd.