We are creating a spectacular show in the G. Karaiskakis stadium.

We are celebrating the 45th CHAMPIONSHIP title in our history, amidst an unprecedented crisis and pandemic in Greece and the entire World.

Our objective is to transmit a message of hope and optimism from Olympiacos to our supporters and Piraeus, from Piraeus to Greece, and from Greece to the World.

We connect football, the values of Olympiacos and solidarity with art and culture in order to communicate the grandeur of the Greek Olympic Spirit to the World.

Artists of international caliber from Greece, Germany and the UK (Asteris Koutoulas, Ross Ashton, Oliver Schulze, Daniel Brunne and others) overcome obstacles, put on a “fight” and unite to give hope and optimism through an artistic “humanitarian” conception on the occasion of celebrating our 45th Championship.

We are creating a spectacular show in the G. Karaiskakis stadium.

Emotions, art, great moments, messages and symbols are filling the empty stadium.

The peak moment of the show is when we demolish the pandemic “wall” and our fans join their beloved players to raise the Championship trophy!

We break down the walls, we dream, we love, we create, we fight, we survive, we win.

This message of hope travels from Greece across the World.

It sets out from Piraeus and the Passalimani area, in an amazing super-show brimming with light and music.

Lights of hope transmit the message under international Greek melodies:
The music of two of Greece’s most iconic composers, Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hadzidakis, through their songs from two iconic movies ‘Ποτέ την Κυριακή’ (Never on Sunday) and ‘Ζορμπάς’ (Zorbas) that have taken Greece around the world, in remixes by young Greek artists (Dj Antonis Dimitriadis and Alexandros Karozas).

In this symbolic way, we commemorate the 100 years since the birth of Melina Merkouri who sung the famous ‘Παιδιά του Πειραιά’ (The Children of Piraeus) right on the exact place where the event takes place this evening.

Olympiacos, A WINNER,

Piraeus, A WINNER,

Lights of Hope from Piraeus to Greece and to the World.

We Keep On Dreaming.

On Sunday, Olympiacos celebrates the championship. From 4 in the afternoon all of Piraeus and Pasalimani will be in fiesta rhythms while the music that will dominate will be by the two most emblematic Greek composers, Mikis Theodorakis and Manos Hatzidakis, with their songs from the two most emblematic films «Never on Sunday» and «Zorbas» who have traveled to Greece around the world.

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