Athens Mayor Yorgos Kaminis and the Mayor of Skopje, Petre Shilegov have co-authored an article supporting the ongoing efforts of their countries’ prime ministers to reach a settlement on the FYROM naming dispute.

Entitled “Viable solution, not a new disapopointment, the article was published simultaneously by the daily Ta Nea in Athens and Sloboden Pecat in Skopje.

The mayors stress their support for the ongoing high-level negotiations, and declare that the greatest possible effort must be made not to miss this new opportunity to reach a mutually acceptable settlement.

Kaminis and Shilegov underline that the emotional reactions of citizens of both countries must be respected.

The leaderships in the two countries must also explain the necessity of a compromise solution, they say.

“Neither of the two sides should allow nationalistic voices to exploit these sentiments, as these voices are attempting to undermine the prospects of a definitive agreement and to determine, once again, our fortune and common future, not only as neighbours, but also as European citizens,” the article states.

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