The competition aims to find innovative solutions and pioneering ideas for the holistic aesthetic, functional and environmental upgrade of the company’s building infrastructure – The 3 cash prizes and the 3 praises that will be awarded amount to a total of 115,000 euros

Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company – EYDAP announces an architectural competition for the submission of ideas for the construction of a new modern building complex that will house the administrative services of the Company.

The competition aims to find innovative solutions and innovative ideas that will contribute to the holistic aesthetic, functional and environmental upgrade of the company’s building infrastructure, combined with a significant reduction in operating costs and enhancing the efficiency of its services, the EYDAP announcement said.

Today, the company’s services are housed in different locations in the Athens area, in rented and privately owned buildings. Their relocation to the new building complex aims first and foremost at upgrading the working environment, which will meet the strictest standards of health and safety, accessibility for the disabled and service by public transport.

The philosophy of the architectural competition concerns both the qualitative upgrade of the concept of “office building” and its surrounding area, as well as the overall revitalization of urban space with a bioclimatic approach and microclimate improvement, incorporating environmental “green” features. Also, the most modern requirements will be met – energy efficiency standards that will significantly contribute to the harmonization with the European and national strategy for energy saving and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and consequently to reduce the operating costs of the company up to 1.5 million. euros per year.

The three cash prizes and the three commendations that will be awarded for the proposals that will be distinguished, amount to a total of 115,000 euros.

This decision is part of the philosophy and strategy of sustainable development of EYDAP that is implemented in all areas of its operation. EYDAP office buildings are an important part of its operation, so it was decided the holistic approach that will lead to a significant improvement of the Company’s carbon footprint.

The invitation for the above competition will be posted within the next ten days on and KIMDIS.

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