Support from the banking sector

The Greek stock market is moving steadily today, which is trying to remain in positive territory against the pressures on several of its index-weighted securities.

The banking sector seems to provide significant support, with the help of both Mytilineos and Ellactor, so that the general index does not test all 870 points.

So far, the General Index remains in the zone of 875 units, with the capital increase of PPC still monopolizing the investment interest and as it will continue to do for a long time. On the other hand, the sharp decline in valuations last week has created attractive placements in many stocks. As soon as the market climate is restored, the movements on the dashboard will become more intense.

Also, the success of the increase and possibly the over-coverage of the increase of PPC will increase the position of foreigners in the Greek market. PPC is an important company for the Greek industry, the picture of decline in 2018 can in no way be compared with the dynamics of the perspective of the updated 5-year business plan.

At the level of securities now, Ellactor with the + 3.05% that it records, in “collaboration” with Mytilineos, Alpha Bank, Piraeus and Lambda, offer market support. However, weak support against the pressures of Viohalco (-2.25%), and Jumbo, Titan, GEK Terna, OPAP and Coca Cola.

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