The Greek stock market remains stable in the pattern of shares divided at the level of securities and in the marginal fluctuations at the level of indices, which, although under pressure from the majority of shares, manages to remain in the zone above 900 points. Thus, today the general index is moving at 905 points with small losses of 0.15%, with the turnover remaining at 5 million euros, on the timed average of previous sessions.

Of course, the sideways movement in a thin line of fluctuation can not remain for long, but at this stage what is pointed out by domestic analysts is on the one hand the restructuring of the portfolio, as investors gradually have a better picture of performance listed in the first half of the year, but also the clarification of international conditions that will affect the decisions of policy makers, especially monetary decisions.

However, the positive thing about the market is that it remains on a path that maintains the short-term upward trend, taking advantage of part of the liquidity provided by selective securities corrections. Indeed, as the dashboard shows, after its strong rise in the weeks between mid-July and the end of August, the correction comes relatively mildly and at a cost of less than 30 points for the overall index.

The above of course results in the signs on the board being volatile, with banks being in negative territory, as well as OTE, PPC, OPAP and Mytilineos, but without any moving with losses exceeding 1% . On the contrary, such as ELHA with the + 3.54% that it records, as well as the + 1.2% of Jumbo and Biochalco that offer their support.

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