Together with containerships amounting to 81 (including two under construction) Costamare’s fleet consists of a total of 118 ships

Continuing the “crescenδο” of investments in bulk carriers, Costamare recently announced on the occasion of the results of the second quarter that it added an additional nine bulkers to its fleet, reaching a total of 37 ships.

It is noted that the first official announcement on June 16, had talked about the purchase of 16 ships and then as wrote on 1/7 Costamare on the occasion of the dividend announced that the Bulkers fleet had reached 28 ships. In the following period, the company added nine more ships to its fleet, bringing the total to 37 dry bulk carriers.

Together with the containerships amounting to 81 (including two under construction) Costamare’s fleet consists of a total of 118 ships.

According to Mr. Grigoris Zikos, Chief Financial Officer of Costamare Inc., the company’s investment in the field of bulk cargo ships came as a continuation of the assessment that supply is limited due to a small order book, while demand is driven by the continuous increase of expenditures for infrastructure development. He added: “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of 21 additional vessels, since our first official announcement of entry into the industry, with our fleet now consisting of a total of 37 vessels between 32,000 DWT and 85,000 DWT, with an average age of 10 years. So far, 14 ships have been delivered, with the rest of the fleet expected to be delivered by the end of the year. ”

In terms of containers, the recovery in the container ship market continues to draw strength from the favorable dynamics of supply and demand. Strong consumer demand and low stock levels combined with supply chain constraints have contributed to rising fares.

In the second quarter of 2021, Costamare announced revenue increased by 49.1% to $ 166.8 million due to a larger number of ships in the fleet but also an increase in fares and profits of $ 90.6 million against losses of $ 76.2 million. year ago

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