Discover the unique beach in Corfu…

Each beach has its own story. Some of them, however, stand out a little more. For their beauty or the myths that accompany them. These are the Greek beaches that may be famous but you do not know the reason or you do not know the details of their history.

One of these Greek beaches is located in the Ionian Sea, you have definitely heard of it and it has a legend to accompany it. The reason for the Canal of Love or otherwise “Canal d’Amour” in Corfu.

In fact, it is a different kind of beaches that you do not find in Greece. It is a natural masterpiece that nature can be proud of. And you’s worth putting it on your to-do list soon.

The unique Canal of Love

The Canal of Love, then, is a point in Corfu and specifically in the northwestern part of the island. There is a settlement, Sidari, which is about 30 km away from the capital of Corfu.

In fact, it is a settlement that was created by the merging of two small coastal villages, which were separated only by the beach.

In this area there are three sandy and beautiful beaches but what steals the impressions is the Canal of Love. One of the special Greek beaches. And how not to be with the images from the rocks that compose the scene?

This striking image has been created by the corrosive effect of water and air on sandstone rocks. Apart from that, the whole sea area is full of clay reserves.

The sandy beach with the myth of love for singles and couples

Apart from the natural beauty, the area is accompanied by a unique myth that you may not know. It is one of the Greek beaches that stands out for him. The myth that has been known for many years is as follows: The couple who manages to swim in the canal, will remain in love forever.

Those who are alone and manage to swim along the entire canal, will find true love in their lives. And finally, those who do not dare to take a dip there, a wish and a coin in the deep are enough to know the love of their life.

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