In the era of digital transformation And in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic panic, we also see the problem of monstrous queues at utilities and energy companies to pay a bill or make an administrative change in personal information as stored in company records.

Such phenomena undermine the effort to check the pandemic and constitute a direct threat to public health.

These are middle-aged and senior citizens who belong to vulnerable groups as regards fending off coronavirus infection.

It reveals a country that is digitally retarded and a population that is technologically illiterate.

One can say that such queues are glaring and are a provocation for competent government officials and employees at utilities companies, who boast about technological goods and achievements that they have achieved for the country and its citizens.

The public health crisis that developed and remains a threat demonstrated the value of the necessary technological transformation and the capabilities that it can offer.

No one can deny that over the last months there were noteworthy efforts but we are still a long way from any kind of real digital transformation.

To achieve that goal in a progressive manner it must be embraced by the whole of society and especially older citizens for reasons related to cost, time, facilities, and of course health.

Given the conditions all competent officials must intensify their efforts, persist, inform, and popularise technological goods and the utility of the services that they can offer a broad audience.

The pandemic created the opportunity.

It highlighted the capabilities of new technology and the benefits from using it and in the end rendered them extremely useful.

There are no excuses for delays in getting this technology out there.

Let everyone do their duty.

Huge queues are shameful, sobering, and a sign of backwardness.

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