The die is cast.

Having consulted with doctors and medical researchers the government decided the gradual lifting of the lockdown imposed on 23 March and the PM announced the plan for a return to a semblance of normalcy.

The competent ministers then detailed how the measures will be implemented in various sectors so as to gradually re-start the country’s sorely tested economy.

The “freeing” of the country and society from the shackles of the pandemic will be gradual and on condition that social distancing rules (two metres between individuals) and the mandatory wearing of masks in closed spaces (it is strictly recommended elsewhere) are strictly enforced by citizens themselves.

The re-opening of schools will require proper ventilation of classrooms, two-metre social distancing between individuals, and strict enforcement of personal hygiene including frequent, thorough hand-washing even for the youngest students.

Everyone would like the country to gradually return to the pre-pandemic pace of society, but there is no guarantee that the effort will be successful and will not lead to a fresh lockdown.

Those immediately involved in the effort – doctors, epidemiologists, and other experts – have not hidden their concerns.

They stress that the re-opening of society and the economy must be carefully controlled and based on rules enforced with the same sense of discipline displayed by the vast majority of citizens during the lockdown.

This is the only way to safeguard what was achieved with strenuous efforts during the lockdown period.

The strict enforcement of social distancing and the standard rules of personal hygiene will guarantee a successful, gradual return to normalcy.

If we truly want to take our lives back and restart the battered economy, we need only abide by all distancing and hygiene measures.
There is no other choice for the Greek people.

Anything else will lead to tragedies the repercussions of which will be felt for years.

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