With her centre-left party rocked by deep divisions and defections, Movement for Change leader Fofi Gennimata unleashed a frontal attack on PM Alexis Tsipras.

“We are at war with Tsipras and his cabal,” Gennimata declared at a meeting of the party’s Executive Secretariat.
Gennimata is reacting to Tsipras’ open efforts to attract centre-left voters and to create a “progressive front” that will pillage her party’s erstwhile electoral base, as he has already done to a large extent.

Gennimata attempted to address divisive scenarios and leaks regarding the drafting of the party’s electoral tickets and the course up until a party covention, which is scheduled for late March.

Gennimata referred to the PM as “a carpetbagger and neo-communist”.

Gennimata called on party cadres to exercise caution so as not to arm the PM’s office with arguments. “It is not possible for our cadres not to realise what Mr. Tsipras and his associates understand – our momentum and capabilities. That is why they are waging war against us,” she declared.

She seconded the plea of prominent Movement for Change MP (Pasok) Andreas Loverdos: “We must know when to keep our mouth closed.”

Gennimata said she has no problem with opposing views but that they must not lead to the reproduction of introspection and misery.

“You cannot have certain people viewing SYRIZA as progressive when in fact it serves the interests of the few and powerful, both in Greece and abroad,” Gennimata said.