Members of the anarchist, anti-authority group Rouvikonas (Rubicon) have staged a protest by throwing flyers condemning Austria’s migration policy at the residence of the Austrian ambassador to Athens, in the upscale Psychiko district of the capital.

According to Greek police, the members of the group arrived on motorcycles, threw the fliers, and proceeded to leave immediately.

In a post on an anti-authority website, Rouvikonas cites Austria’s stance on migration as the pretext for their action.
In May, 2016, Reuters reported that Austria hosted a meeting that coordinated border restrictions in the Balkans, without inviting Greece, and that the measure led to an accumulation of 10,000 refuges and migrants on the Greek side of the FYROM borders.

“It is true that the recent burgeoning of the refugee issue was occasion once again for the “United Europe” to show its true face,” Rouvikonas members declared in their post.

The group lays blame primarily on Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, charging that he and his vice-chancellor, Hans-Christian Strache, led the push for anti-migrant policies.

“The new chancellor of Austria (Kurz) demanded an end to efforts to distribute refugees among EU member-states, and called upon the EU to undertake efforts to use the military to perform strict border checks,” the post read.

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