A Turkish military officer, who has been charged in Turkey with participation in the July, 2016, abortive coup against Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has petitioned the Administrative Appellate Court to have his case tried in the Greek Council of State, which is the court of last resort in this case.

The officer is requesting that the High Court reinstate his international protection.

The officer had been granted asylum buy an Appellate Asylum Committee comprised of judges, but the Greek government petitioned a court to suspend that decision. The requested was honoured and the trial date had been set for 15 February.

The lawsuit was filed at the Appellate Administrative court by three attorneys representing him: Athens University Professors of Constitutional Law Nikos Alivizatos and Stavros Tsakyrakis, as well as a lawyer for the Greek Council for Refugees, Vasilis Papadopoulos.

The lawyers have petitioned that the Council of State try the case with an emergency procedure that allows the court to rule quickly on constitutional issues with a broader application. They are requesting that the court rule on both Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas’ request that the asylum be suspended and on the officer’s challenge to that decision.

The Administrative Appellate Court will relay the petition to the Council of State. It will be judged by a three-member panel of judges: Council of State President Nikolaos Sakellariou and two vice-presidents of the court.


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