The main goal of the group is to reduce the carbon footprint by 15% by 2024

Greece’s so-called Superfund received the Circular Economy best practice award from Circle The Med Forum. This is the second year of awarding the awards that recognize companies that have developed, designed or implemented positive actions and good practices in one or more of the six pillars of the Circular Economy: Green Development, Blue Economy, Renewable Energy Sources, Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Tourism and Smart Cities.

As the Public Investment Fund of Greece, the Superfund prepared the new strategic plan for the three years 2022-2024, laying the foundations and having already implemented a three-year plan with ESG criteria, which gives value to three equal pillars: the Economy, the Environment and Citizens, refers to a relevant update.

In the midst of a pandemic and an energy-geopolitical crisis, the group succeeds, in collaboration with its portfolio companies, in creating the conditions for the road to a sustainable transition, with principles of a circular economy, which is already producing measurable results and good practices, and indeed in international scale, it is pointed out.

15% carbon footprint reduction by 2024

As noted, it responded to the challenge of creating a circular business model, designing an action plan aimed at shrinking its environmental footprint, and using its resources more efficiently. The main goal set by the Strategic Plan is to reduce the group’s carbon footprint by 15% by 2024.

In this direction, the group has already progressed the measurement of the carbon footprint Scope 1 and Scope 2, with the aim of switching to operation with low emission of pollutants. At the same time, an Expectations Document has been created for all subsidiary companies, in which all the actions they are expected to implement in 2023 will be recorded, with the elements that relate them to the environment, such as the carbon footprint and the climate analysis.

The Superfund is expected to publish soon the nationwide study conducted by IOBE on the social and environmental impact of the organization and its subsidiaries, which will lead to further actions for sustainability and the circular economy.

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