Revealing data from the Association of Greek Petroleum Trading Companies for the delinquency in the market of motor fuels – At 100-150 million euros per year the loss of tax revenues – The phenomena of smuggling, fraud and interference in the pumps increase

The alarm bell was sounded by the Association of Greek Petroleum Trading Companies (SEEPE) for delinquency in the market of diesel fuel.

During a press conference, the president of SEEPE Giannis Aligizakis, the vice president Dimitris Kontaxis and the secretary Christos Tzolas spoke about the increase of illegalities and in particular the smuggling of oil and liquefied petroleum gas, the adulteration of gasoline.

According to the estimates of the Association, the tampered pumps cause a loss of purchasing power of 90 million euros every year, while the public loses a total of 100-150 million euros in tax revenues from delinquency in various forms.

The representatives of the industry spoke about significant effects on health, budget revenues but also on the market itself as the action of these scoundrels distorts the competition and threatens the viability of companies in the fuel trade.

They noted, however, that more than 10 years decisions have been pending for the full implementation and operation of the measures that had been adopted since 2010 to deal with such crime.

What is most revealing, however, is that even the liquid fuel inlet system installed at service stations and fuel depots does not actually work, as the software used by the sellers is not certified, and the data is not compared in real time., that is, when they are transmitted to Independent State Revenue Authority AADE.

Mr. Aligizakis underlined that the current government shows a willingness to deal with fuel mishandling. He cited as an example the memorandum of cooperation signed by SEEPE and AADE, according to which the oil trading companies will bear the cost of setting up the input-output system from scratch and be ready in 2022.

The administration of the Association also urged the government to establish AADE as a central authority with decisive provisions that will also coordinate the control of other co-competent state mechanisms for dealing with smuggling and other criminal phenomena.

He also proposed to establish the real shut downs of the petrol stations that are found commiting violations, as well as the certification of the 18 specialized vehicles that will be used to conduct checks on stations for fuel adulteration and other infringements..

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