The Greek stock market is trying to keep its losses under control, which although it can not be released from the negative international climate, but shows that it has the strength to keep the zone of 870 points.

The general index is moving with losses of 0.98% at 873.48 points, having in fact quite a satisfactory turnover.

Holding on to character

What is observed today, as in previous days, is that the ATHEX manages to keep… character, as a stock market source characteristically comments on, in the face of international unrest. Of course, this does not mean that it can be completely differentiated, but that showing resilience by keeping a significant margin above the critical 850 points is a positive message after many months of accumulation.

The truth is of course that this aspect that the Greek market has been showing lately has a double reading. On the one hand, it is positive in the face of international unrest, but on the other hand, while it has strong upward catalysts, with the country’s development course in the first place, it cannot implement them. The reason cannot be captured in a simple phrase, as it is a function of a complex environment, inside and outside borders.

The image on the board

So in this complex environment, the pressures on Coca Cola, Jumbo, Mytilineo, Hellenic Petroleum, National, Alpha Bank are strong and clearly affect the market, as well as the small but negative signs in Eurobank, OPAP, Piraeus and PPC.

In FTSE 25 there are some small upward movements, such as those in OTE, IPTO and ELHA, but they are still very limited.

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