It is common knowledge that all political parties seek the vote of Greece’s youth.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ keynote address at the Thessaloniki International Fair on 11 September demonstrated that the government is keenly aware of the importance of investing in their future and is already preparing a multi-pronged plan to attract the younger generation.

The youth is an integral part of the government’s reform programme that can create new prospects for the country.

Τhe other political parties are following suit, as it has been observed that young voters are the crucial variable in the equation of political inclusion.

Distanced from the processes of the political system and with their own particular behavioural patterns, they have many skills but are suspicious of political parties.

It is often difficult to sway the youth even with the strategy of promoting a new type of entrepreneurship and encouraging research and technology projects. Meanwhile, the brain drain continues steadily.

Nevertheless, as the government plans its policies to achieve a broader appeal among youth, the entire political system should work together on a path toward reconnecting them with politics and ensuring their participation in the democratic process.

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