The creation of a new modern ferry line of the Ionian Islands is being investigated by the Ministry of Shipping, said the Governor of Ionian islands Region, Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou, speaking at the stand of OT at the Thessaloniki International Fair.

At the same time, she noted that this year is a successful year for the Greek tourism, as well as for the Ionian Islands, while referring to the challenges they face.

The Governor of Ionian Islands stated that reforms are needed, identifying the need for the presence of sufficient staff in the region in order to be substantially strengthened.

The strengthening of tourism

Moreover, the Regional Governor expressed her satisfaction with the course of tourism, characteristically stating that “it was a good year for the Ionian Islands”, a year with a great potential. In fact, it was reported that “this year is a good tourist year”, noting that loads of Polish, Romanians, Italians and many Dutch came to our country.

“Doctors and employees are needed”

She also noted that “we must be organized in the field of communication” and at the same time to use the funds from the NSRF and the Recovery Fund. However, she asked for the reinforcement of the Region with new employees, emphasizing the need to provide incentives, due to the more difficult accessibility, but also the price rises that prevail in a lot of tourist areas. “We are asking for special arrangements” from the government, as “we need doctors and staff”, adding that she expects the government to “use” the necessary financial tools.

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