Ever since last February with Ankara’s thwarted attempt to push thousands of migrants into Greece at the Greek-Turkish land border at Evros and later with the management of the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has managed to secure a rare second political honeymoon.

That is the conclusion drawn from all opinion polls which confirm the overwhelming lead of the ruling majority and the inability of main opposition Syriza to find its way.

Syriza’s introversion which keeps it down is in part due to its plunge in the polls and the government need not do much to maintain its dominant position because the opposition can do little to impede its plans.

Yet, therein lays a trap.

A government that rests on its laurels, small or large, and its political advantage is in danger of becoming its own victim because experience shows that in politics inertia, missteps, and omissions that are allowed fester will not be pardoned.

The polls show how citizens judge actions and behaviours and that they constantly seek solutions to the everyday problems which affect their quality of life.

Failures and errors are not overlooked by the public and slowly but surely they wear down the government.

The PM’s stance at the last cabinet meeting demonstrated that he is completely cognisant of the big picture.

It is necessary for the cabinet also to read between the lines of the polls, which are emitting warning signs.

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