From his first hours in office the new PM’s view of how the country should be governed is clearly distinct from that of his predecesssor.

A rather loose understanding of governmental responsibility has given way to a new, demanding plan for effective governance.
Leniency towards friends is being replaced as it seems by strictness in dealing with associates.

It appears that it is not ties of friendship that determined appointments but rather an evaluation of candidates’ abilities.

It is clear that the new Prime Minister has set the bar high.

His meritocratic governance is a wager that he will make every effort to win.

One may conclude that his ambitions exceed his four-year term in office.

The PM’s personal ambitions concern the entire country. His wager is a wager that concerns the social whole.

A government does not operate in a vacuum. Its work produces palpable results, affects lives, and determines decisions.

Its success or failure does not concern one person. It concerns everyone.

From that vantage point, one must hope for the greatest possible results.

The country right now is in absolute need of a government which conducts politics with moderation, with a spirit of unity, and with a reformist impetus.

It is a truly great wager.

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