Whether you have just got your license or are an experienced driver, we all have a car brand that we dream of acquiring and one that we would not even want to see on the road. But what brands are these for Greeks and how do they compare to other European countries?

The new research of comparethemarket.com.au analyzed the reposts on social media which are related to positive or negative views about brands and reveals the ones that Greeks talk about most positively online, as well as those that are avoided!

Despite the fact that the manufacturer is located in Korea, Hyundai is the most liked brand for the Greeks, compared to Seat which is not first in their preferences.

It is worth mentioning that the searches for “Hyundai 2022” on Google increased by + 800% in the last 12 months in Greece, with most searches taking place in September 2021.

Comparing data from around the world, Rolls-Royce is the leading brand in 16 countries, while SEAT is the subject of negative conversations in 15 countries.

Stephen Zeller, General Manager at Compare the Market, said: “Whatever brand of car you look at, the most important thing is to be insured when you are on the road. ensuring you have the most adequate coverage, whether it includes a comprehensive roadside assistance plan, fire coverage and third party theft, if the worst happens. “

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