“The country’s economy is moving forward. We will see rapid growth rates in the coming years. This is certain, and the municipalities will play a key role in order to acheive it”, underlined the Deputy Minister for Financial Policy, Mr. Theodoros Skylakakis, speaking at the annual conference of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (KEDE) that takes place in Thessaloniki.

Mr. Skylakakis, with his intervention via skype, he referred in particular to the Recovery Fund for the promotion of private investments “Greece 2.0” and invited the mayors to a “productive cooperation”.

According to the Deputy Minister for Financial Policy, the Recovery Fund will offer to the municipalities, in addition to the “Smart Cities” program, urban regeneration, flood-relief works, civil protection and road safety programs that will allow the realisation of new road projects.

He also clarified that the issue of the funds absorption by the Recovery Fund “will not be easy” and called on the municipalities to cooperate and jointly propose the implementation of projects.

Deputy Minister of Development and Investment: “A new NSRF program of 26.1 billion euros is about to begin”

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Mr. George Tsakiris, also informed the elected officials at the annual regular conference of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece on the new NSRF 2021-2027 program, with a total budget of 26.1 billion euros, adding that the programming period has already begun.

He stressed that from the new NSRF, 1/3 of the money – that is about 8 billion euros – will go to the regions and that an important part of this money “will be given to the Social Fund and for the realisation of local infrastructure projects.” He also spoke about the “Smart Cities” program for the digital upgrade of municipalities, part of which will be funded by the NSRF, saying that “Greece has lagged behind in this area compared to other European countries. Now, we have set it as a priority.”

Mr. Tsakiris characterized as a “failure of the previous NSRF the Open Trade Centers”, adding that “I do not know who is to blame, but unfortunately the funds absorption was almost zero”.

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