The important role that the Regulatory Authority for Energy is called to play in the near future, in the effort to address the effects of climate change, in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, was underlined by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, during the presentation. today’s event of RAE at the 85th TIF. Title of the event “The transition to a green economy: the benefits, challenges and risks from the point of view of the Regulatory Authority”.

Mr. Skrekas reiterated that the successful implementation of the government’s strategic plan aimed at the country’s energy transition will require serious investments in infrastructure, electricity production facilities, electricity storage and new technologies.

“The goal is to achieve energy savings and reduce consumption, in all areas of social and economic life,” he explained.

“The work, the burden and the responsibility that RAE has to lift is too great, to be able to do all this at a price that can be affordable for consumers, whether these consumers are households or professionals.

“All this struggle for the energy transition has a price. “And we, as a state with ally RAE and all those involved, must take care of this price, to be a fair price that can be borne by the consumer of electricity or energy products”, he pointed out characteristically.

Referring to the announcements of the Greek Prime Minister for the establishment and operation of a support fund for the energy transition, Mr. Skrekas noted that “it will contribute holistically to the achievement of the goal of the energy transition” and added that it will be funded in principle with money coming from carbon dioxide auctions.

“This year at least 15% of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the Fund and then this money, until the end of the year, will support and offset the possible forthcoming price increases in electricity prices (for PPC and alternative private providers) “, he noted.

Among other things, he pointed out that the aforementioned fund will have other sources of income in the coming years.

The position that the energy transition will be achieved with the cooperation of all institutions, was expressed by the president of RAE, Athanasios Dagoumas and in this context he expressed his hope that the energy regulatory authority will contribute positively to the achievement of the set goals.

“We want to do something practical, to shape RAE’s agenda into something useful for the city as well,” he said, adding that “we thought about smart cities and smart ports and how to help. Our advantage is that we listen and read before we have an opinion. If we want to move forward as a society, we must see the truth and the problems, and learn from them.”

Meanwhile, in statements on the sidelines of the event, the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, pointed out that in the coming days the financial support measures announced by the Greek Prime Minister in view of the upcoming possible increases in electricity by external factors.

“We care about the citizens in view of the green transition and that is why we created the relevant financial support fund”, he pointed out, and added “it will be immediately explained to the citizens how they will see the additional discount on their bills, through the financial support of the state” .

Among other things, he stressed that the fund will cover a series of financial support actions for those who have difficulty paying their electricity bills, energy savings and the development of new technologies, for businesses and consumers, in order to reduce their energy costs.

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