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The plan of the second package of reforms launched by the government in the field of “green” energy is revealed in an interview with OT by the Secretary General of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Alexandra Sdoukou, one of the prime minister’s close associates on energy issues, announces:

1. A bill will be tendered in the following months for the second phase of the simplification of the licensing process for Renewable Energy Sources projects. It will concern the licenses for installation and operation of RES systems, while at the same time an electronic “one stop shop” is created for the licenses for investors.

2. New “Economize – Autonomize” programs for 2021 amounting to 1 billion euros that will concern the energy upgrade of homes with new participation criteria. The announcements will be made before the summer.

3. The start in May of the legislative process for the energy storage framework.

4. The approval directly by the European Commission of the framework for the support of hybrid power generation and storage systems in the Non-Interconnected Power System. Discussions on the participation of the hybrid projects of the Interconnected System in the program of auctions 2021-2024 are in full swing.

5. Completion by summer of the High Level Plan and the bill for investments in offshore floating wind farms.

6. A new program to enhance the electric mobility of vehicles, which will run during the year and will concern the encouragement of the private initiative for the supply and installation of chargers in publicly accessible areas.

Alexandra Sdoukou in her interview with OT also responded to the reactions and concerns of citizens about the RES projects. She called on the state, investors and agencies to work together to explain together the usefulness and necessity of RES projects and the robust legal framework that accompanies investments in terms of location and respect for the environment.

The Secretary-General also sent a message to the criticisms forthe delays in the licensing of RES investments and clarified which projects from the host of applications for 100 GW (Gigawatts) will proceed.

Source : ΟΤ

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