The European Commission’s Spring 2020 forecast leaves no room for complacency.

The eurozone’s economy is expected to shrink by 7.7 percent in 2020 and in Greece that is expected to reach 9.7 percent.

The economy is expected to be on track as of 2021 and to achieve up to 7.9 percent points in growth.

The shock to the economy in the interim will be great, however, and it will impact directly on the labour markets.

Over 250,000 jobs are expected to be lost.

The government must care for the people who will lose their jobs not only because they will be the most vulnerable group but also because after a decade-long economic crisis the unemployment rate is already very high.

Greek society cannot and must not become a society of unemployed people because unemployment signals not only want but also social exclusion and psychological vulnerability.

That is a life where there is no hope for the future.

Although the problem does not only concern Greece, Athens is in a more vulnerable position than most.

That is why enormous efforts will be made to keep the economy standing, as long as the government provides the necessary tools and the productive forces devote all their energy.

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