The American Chambers of Greece, Cyprus and Israel jointly celebrated the signing by US President Donald Trump of the EastMed Act, which they said «heralds a new era in the relations between the United States and Greece, Israel and Cyprus.»

In a joint statement, the Chambers said that the Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 demonstrates the transformation of US policy in the East Mediterranean and recognises the strategic position of the three countries and the benefits of their cooperation.

They underlined that security and stability in the region is crucial for US and European security.

The Act reaffirms the importance to the US of maintaining its strategic partnerships with Israel, Greece and Cyprus.which are cooperating on the EastMed gas pipeline from the Mediterranean to Europe.

The US will have a direct role in the trilateral talks which will cover the areas of energy, safety at sea, cyber security and the security of infrastructure that is crucial.

“Through the Act, the United States commits to continue robust official strategic engagement with Israel, Greece and Cyprus and to actively participate in the trilateral dialogue on energy, maritime security, cybersecurity and protection of critical infrastructure conducted among the three countries.

“The United States further commits to continue to support diplomatic efforts with partners and allies to deepen energy security cooperation among Greece, Cyprus and Israel and to encourage the private sector to make investments in energy infrastructure in the Eastern Mediterranean region,” the joint statement read.

“The Act also details plans to enter into cooperative agreements supporting and enhancing dialogue and to establish international partnerships between the United States and Israel, Greece, and Cyprus.

“A joint United States-Eastern Mediterranean Energy Center in the United States may be established to leverage the experience, knowledge, and expertise of institutions of higher education and the private sector, in offshore energy development to facilitate cooperation among the four countries.

“ The Act enhances United States’ engagement in the Eastern Mediterranean and reaffirms its commitment to strengthening and expanding its strategic energy and security cooperation with its key allies and partners in a region. At the same time, the law creates another important viable energy option through the overall support provided on the construction of EastMed gas pipeline.

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