As if the refugee crisis and Turkey’s illegal gas and oil drilling in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) were not enough, now US President Donald Trump has allowed Turkey to invade Syria.

This is a nightmare scenario for the broader region with unforeseeable consequences that have unsettled the entire world.

We are dealing with an unbelievable leader of a superpower who overnight abandons his allies and with his provocative statements undermines his relations with Europe and triggers a chain reaction with all the regional countries.

He has opened up a Pandora’s Box triggering a huge backlash even among his Republican supporters in the US.

One cannot know the content of the Trump-Erdogan agreement but afterwards Trump citing his incomparable wisdom warned Ankara not to exceed the limits because otherwise he will destroy the Turkish economy.

On the other hand the problematic Turkish leader continues to provoke everyone and remains indifferent to international and domestic reactions and he has opened fronts in Cyprus and in Syria.

He remains indifferent to international and domestic reactions.

He continues to provoke and pursue demands thumbing his nose at international law and at the sovereign rights of neighbouring countries.
He is attempting to transcend the political damage he has suffered domestically and is exporting the crisis in an effort to divert the attention of Turkish citizens.

Unfortunately Greece is confronted whether it likes it or not is confronted with a new crisis – not economic this time but rather geopolitical.
There is a real possibility that increasing refugee flow towards Greece will burgeon because a war in Syria will almost certainly lead to new flows of refugees from SYRIZA to safer countries.

The recent US-Greece agreement does not appear despite verbal assurances to be able to provide the necessary shield against Erdogan’s strategy.

Greece’s alliances with other regional countries are of course necessary and welcome.

Yet a common domestic front is also necessary, beyond partisan pursuits.

The scheduled meetings between the PM and opposition party leaders must confirm this in a clear and categorical manner.

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