Quiz: How many Greeks were emotionally moved, satisfied, and persuaded, listening yesterday as the prime minister in Lavrio pledged that he will strike hard in order to eliminate the dysfunctions of the past?

There were extremely few. Firstly, because in the past there had been countless such commitments, from the current and previous governments, and there were no results.

Secondly, all the changes and reforms that have been implemented by the first left-wing government, have led to a weakening and not a strengthening of state mechanisms, as one witnessed with the General Secretariat of Civil Protection and the Fire Service.

Thirdly, Alexis Tsipras has entirely lost his credibility. He has had certain communications successes, but now he has lost that game as well.

How can one hide all this, as one famous singer-songwriter once said? Everyone knows anyway.

The smiles and embraces yesterday of the Attica Prefect did not indicate cognizance of the seriousness and critical nature of the situation.

The prime minister asserted that only collectively can we avert similar disasters in the future. In theory, he is right. In practice, however, he is doing the exact opposite.

He grabs every opportunity to attack the opposition, to shift responsibilities, and to blame the “system” and powerful political families. He seeks to provoke and divide.

Collective action presupposes trust in a government that works and in a leader that inspires.

Pledges and slogans no longer suffice.

What is needed is vision, but for Syriza it is too late.