“Athens a war zone: Scenes of chaos and incidents at the Final Cup” is one of the titles in the international press ,with the hooligans’ infamy reaching Kenya

The statements of Deputy Athletics Minister Yorgos Vasiliadis on Monday afternoon that security measures for the Final Cup failed is a huge embarrassment for Hellenic Football Federation (EPO) President Vangelis Grammenos, who despite that after the match spoke of a won wager and a Final Cup worthy of the institution.

The incidents that occurred before, during, and after the Final Cup match at the Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens (OAKA) harmed the image of Greek football, and our country was once again disgraced internationally.

The international media reported on the clashes between supporters of the two teams and between fans and police. They spoke of chaotic scenes resembling a war zone!

At the same time, they referred to the battles between hooligans from both teams in the central streets of Athens. One fan was knifed and dozens of policemen were injured.

The reports referred extensively to PAOK owner Ivan Savvidis, who was not present at the OAKA Stadium, as he has been punished with a three-year ban on entering stadiums, after he entered the pitch armed with a gun in Thessaloniki’s Toumba Stadium during a PAOK-AEK match.

They noted that due to the volatile situation in Greek Football, EPO decided to appoint a Spanish referee in order to calm things down, and they appeared impressed by the fact that OAKA has a 70,000 spectator capacity, but each team was given only 17,000 tickets.

Greek football was thus dealt a severe blow. The supposed effort at cleansing has failed miserably, and Greece has been disgraced for the umpteenth time in the international press.

See some of the international media reports on the “war” that broke out in Athens over the last days, and all that happened during the Final Cup match.




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