A total of 607 refugees and migrants over the Greek Easter holidays crossed over from Turkey to the northern Aegean islands and were registered at Reception and Identification Centres.

Between Holy Thursday and today, 418 migrants reached Lesvos, 69 arrived on Chios, and 120 on Samos.

In total, between 1 April and today, 1,173 refugees and migrants arrived on the islands – 630 on Lesvos, 281 on Chios, and 262 on Samos.

Incidents between migrants at Moria

At the Moria camp in eastern Lesvos, incidents broke out between groups of Iraqi migrants living there.

The night-time medical centre, near the northern gate of the camp, was destroyed when a group of migrants fled there for protection, but were attacked nonetheless.

The situation is explosive due to continuous, increased migrant flows.

The camp has a 3,000 person capacity, but currently hosts approximately 6,300 refugees and migrants.