The young man shows no trace of remorse.

This morning, the 22-year-old Pakistani who was arrested for the murder of 17-year-old Nicoleta in her home in Peristeri is being brought before the investigator for a deposition.

According to what has emerged from the police investigation, the young man who lived without legal documents in Athens appeared under two different names and three different ages.

Sometimes he stated a birth date of 1999, sometimes 2001, sometimes a third date. In fact, he was known to authorities as he was flagged for various drug cases.

Police managed to trace his movements in Northern Greece, a day before he crossed the border, and notified the authorities of North Macedonia that there was a strong possibility that the fugitive would cross into their territory.

The young man realizes what he has done and remains a prisoner in police custody, showing no trace of remorse.

The police are now looking for the possibility that the confessed murderer had accomplices in his escape plan. In the event that evidence is collected in this direction, those that assisted him meay face charges of abetting a felon.

The questions that need answering are who provided succor to the 22-year-old, who – and if – gave him new sim cards (after he first threw away his mobile phone along with the victim’s phone) but also who may have helped him cross the Greek-North Macedonia border illegally.

It is noted that the police know that the 22-year-old spent Tuesday night and Wednesday night in Thessaloniki. There it is believed he had “contacts” that would help him leave the country. Perhaps it is no coincidence, as police sources explain, that the first thing he said to his compatriots after the crime was: “I’m leaving for Thessaloniki.”

Among other things, the three Pakistanis with whom he traveled to North Macedonia and who were returned as illegal immigrants to Greece were interrogated.

Abusive and manipulative

The family of the 17-year-old victim described her five-month relationship with the young man as something that made Nicoleta’s life hell.

“There were also tensions at Christmas. Those close to her knew they had tensions and that is why she wanted to break up. But his jealousy would not allow the girl to leave him. He could not accept that the girl would break up with him,” said Andreas Theodoropoulos, lawyer of the victim’s father.

“Pity. For his age and all. The youth they both have. As if he was older and had suffered a lot in his life. I know… but now, about his age when they were both so young… what can I say. I am very sad,” said the 17-year-old’s father.

Speaking to MEGA tv, the father of unfortunate Nicoletta, describes the bad psychological situation in which the three younger siblings of the 17-year-old are.

“What should the children say? Children, they are children, they can’t say anything. Now, in anger… they say a lot. They will say a lot.”

The questions that require an answer from the police investigation are who provided shelter to the 22-year-old, who  gave him new sim cards (after he first threw away his mobile phone and the 17-year-old’s) but also who may have helped him cross the Greek-North Macedonia border illegally.

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