We are perhaps in the last mile of the pandemic crisis, but that is more than ever linked with our level of maturity, our collective responsibility, and how serious we are as a society.

COVID-19 is here, with over 3,000 newly confirmed cases and dozens of deaths in a day, and there is no time or room for further excuses from the unvaccinated.

The above numbers and the data in general are overwhelming. What is certain is that the vaccine is a weapon in this battle and it has been proven to create a protective shield for the population against deaths and against the other diseases that result from the virus for those who fall ill.

One must also take into account the fact that the battle against the virus coincides with the fight against a flair up of the seasonal flu, and that is yet another reason to speed up a massive vaccination push in order to achieve the desired wall of immunity for everyone. The National Health system has made a huge contribution but with outdated capabilities.

Otherwise, normalcy will be temporary and incomplete, with a deleterious impact on the real economy and our daily lives.

The final exit from the epidemic is now, and as autumn advances it is important to be vigilant and not to be lax with irresponsible behaviours on the individual and collective level, as this two year battle has been waged both by the state and citizens.

We have the power to leave behind this unprecedented crisis.

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