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The launch of the combined offer of new common, registered, voting rights, intangible shares of the company, with a nominal value of 0.30 euros each, was  announced by Alpha Services and Holdings SA, a 100% parent company of Alpha Bank with to raise € 0.8 billion.

According to the share capital increase prospectus, the New Shares will be available in Greece, to retail investors and special investors in public offering and outside Greece, to specialists, institutional and other eligible investors (including the Financial Stability Fund – HFSF), through private placement through the international bid book process.

The Public Offering and the Private Placement will be conducted in parallel and will last from June 28, 2021 until June 30, 2021.

The New Shares are distributed as a priority to the existing shareholders participating in the Combined Offer.

As Alpha Bank CEO Vassilis Psaltis stated in a message to the bank’s employees, the capital increase of 800 million euros, the first growth share capital increase in the Greek banking system after the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, will give the possibility for Alpha Bank to become the leading banking partner in the course of the country’s transformation. “After the successful completion of Project Galaxy and having more opportunities available to utilize its funds, Alpha Bank plans this transaction from a position of strength and with the support of leading international banks. The proposed structure ensures the proportional and priority distribution of the new shares for existing shareholders, who wish to participate, thus ensuring the full value of their investment. In addition, the public offering of shares is an attractive opportunity for new, high quality, investors seeking to participate in the recovery and progress of the Greek economy. “With its market leadership position, strong network and unparalleled corporate reputation, Alpha Bank is accelerating its pace, to support its customers and to play a leading role in the development of our economy”, underlined Mr. Chanter.

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